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This powerful module is known to provide Joomla with great search functionality due to the use of javascript library, Google Search integration and Mootools. It allows you to enable different types of Google Search – mage,video,blog etc. you van receive AJAX powered real time search results for the content of your Joomla website as well as for Google Search.


This is a perfect mosdule to showcase the featured articles and attached images within your website. It provides a lot of facilities for you to manage the way your content is displayed and provides fast and smooth loading. RokStories can show the content of particular category or section of the website.


The AJAX powered RikStock module allows the users of your website to work with their portfolio stock symbols – remove, add neww ones or change the order of existing symbols. All the necessary data is stored in the cookies.


This tool is used for showing weather information, displaying temperature,wind speed, humidity and other aspects. The users can choose the location they are interested in and see the detailed up to 4 days weather forecast,if necessary. RokWeather is distinguished by graphic support and displays the corresponding images for any type of weather. It shows the temperatures both in Fahrenheit and Celsius scales. RokWeather will become an excellent addition to your Joomla website.


This module is responsible for transfering your Twitter profile information, your tweets and other spects to Joomla. You are to choose the options you want to display and the way you want the aspect to be shown within your website. RokTwittie is distinguished by high speed and performance.

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