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Being extremely popular nowadays due to its flexibility and easy use, Joomla is known to be supported by huge community and enormous amount of extensions. It may seem that nothing can prevent this powerful CMS from fast and proper working. Nevertheless, there is a necessity of using special options to speed up Joomla performance.

If you want to check your Joomla performance you can do it with the help of simple online tool – open http://analyze.websiteoptimization.com, and accomplish all points that are required: insert your URL, enter the captcha code and wait until your site is analysed. After you have seen the results, you know whether your website needs to be hastened and can proceed to further steps if necessary, specifically begin improving your Joomla performance.

There is a lot of aspects which may influence your Joomla running speed – it can depend either on the template with a lot of additional components and plugins, amount of CSS images and Javscript marks and what not. However, you should mind that there is also a lot of methods of boosting Joomla and not all of them will be appropriate for each website because different site environment needs different approach.

Here is the general list of what you can do:

1. Activate built in Gzip and Cache system
2. Clean up the CSS codes – this will reduce the number of http requests and the whole size of the page
3. Optimize CSS/JS files to get rid of white spaces/comments and compress images used within your Joomla website
4. Remove some of the unnecessary modules
5. Uninstall the components or plugins you don’t make use of and leave only those which are really efficient and important
6. Use light and simple templates, or remove the features you don’t need, and remove their css references as well.

Now that you know the reasons of Joomla slow performance and ways of fixing this problem, you can strat enhancing your Joomla website right away!

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