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Joomla Project announces the establishment of new Joomla Community Showcase – a hub for community members to display websites they have found somewhere on the web or created on their own. The showcase maintains various categories for you to find the right place for the very design you want to share.

There is nothing difficult in submitting a website to the Community Showcase. First you need to fulfill the registration and read the Submission Guidelines before you submit. Before you add your design to the collection you have to make sure it is not included yet with the help of search option. You shold be aware of the fact that not all websites will be accepted to the showcase – those which do not meet the guidelines will be rejected.

Every website should undergo verification, so it will take time for your design to be accepted to the Joomla Community Showcase. It is recommended to add not more than 10 sites a month not to spam. Every month there will be selected a website that shows the best design, quality and flexibility. So if you want your website to be among most striking examples, make sure you have provided all the information thoroughly.

You are also welcome to provide detailed case studies which include the information about the way your website was built, what issues it solved and so on. Sufficient case studies will give your website more chances to become a Site Of The Month.

So join now!

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