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Joomla presents one of its new amazing extensions – Joomla updater. The tool is responsible for the Joomla core upgrade – just a simple click and it is updated to the latest version. Every web master can make use of this component from the Joomla official website and then even share a link of the file in zip format. The file is automatically excerpted to the Joomla installation and will update it at once so you may enjoy Joomla last version.

Joomla Updater maintains certain features for different versions:

- it will run smoothly in 1.1 even if your server doesn’t support mod_curl

- 1.2 version will be provided with special icon on the Joomla Admin Control Panel in order to check for updates automatically. This means that each time you visit your CP you will be asked for upgrade if your Joomla is not of the latest version. If updates are necessary just click the icon and it will lead you to the page where the updater is stored.

- websites with php4 won’t have problem with mod_curl in version 1.2.1

- version 1.2.2 will preserve favicon.ico

- using 1.3.0 you will be able to upgrade your Joomla core with complete file on the basis of current version

- the problems with tool working on different servers in 1.3.1 are solved

- safe mode for using tool in 1.3.2 is set

- you will see excerpted files after the upgrade is completed in version 1.3.3

- working with 1.4.0 you will now see the error message if such appears. There are also no more problems with overwriting files.

- if you use version 2.0.0 your Joomla website will be upgraded with the first visit automatically.

In order to reach Joomla Updater click here

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